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Tera Patrick is an American porn star. He was born Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro on July 25 in Montana. Tera Patrick is known for her exotic look. Tera Patrick was born Linda Ann Hopkins and grew up near San Francisco. Her mother is Thai and her father is English, Irish, and Dutch. Find resume, credits unit, and information on Tera Patrick movies on Allmovie; Tera Patrick Wiki/Biography; Age, 26? Place of birth, Great Falls? Language, will he be updated soon? Religion, is it public? Nationality, White / Asian. I do not judge Tera because she is in the adult industry. I judge her because she strangles her voice and writes this "autobiography" that seems to exist. Tera Patrick is an American model and actress who has worked in adult films. She has appeared in Playboy and Penthouse, for which she received an XRCO award. Sinners Get It All: Tera Patrick's Memoir of Love and Pornography. £ Paperback.

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