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Top 6 rivers emerging from the Tibetan Plateau

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Ohio State University. Climate change is putting tremendous pressure on the world's water resources, and according to researchers, the Tibetan Plateau suffers from a water imbalance that could lead to an increase in international conflict.AWT The region, also known as Asia's Water Tower, includes China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and serves as a complex water distribution system that provides zooxanthellae to many countries, including parts of Kyrgyzstan. Thompson became a member of the first western team sent to study glaciers in China and Tibet. According to the study, because many fragile societies are adjacent to these basins, this worsening inequality could exacerbate conflicts or exacerbate already tense situations between countries that share these river basins, such as the long-running dispute over irrigation and water between India and Pakistan. Lawmakers then need to use these observations to help develop water applicable to sustainable water management, Thomson said. If policymakers decide to heed the advice of scientists, these new policies could be used to develop AWT coordination measures through collaboration between upstream and land Lane Avenue. Request an alternate form of web service status notification on this page. Many of Asia's rivers are led by the Tibetan Plateau, which provides water reserves for nearly 2 billion people. Climate change leads to water imbalances and conflicts on the Tibetan Plateau.

Researcher: Tibet: Melting Tibetan Glaciers Threaten Billions

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