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Skip navigation! History of Beauty. Not that hair on the back is rare. But even in our culture of over-distribution, where we openly talk about nipple and acne piercings, this is an issue that no one really touches, even though we all ask the question. Why do you have hair on your back? While researchers have been able to identify the functions that hair serves on different parts of the body, explaining why hair is on the buttocks is a bit more difficult, Zeichner explains, because the hair is not only on the buttocks, but also on the back, where it is more likely to be found in the skin. Dermatologists are also aware of other theories that could explain pool hair, including the idea that our ancestors needed butt hair to avoid friction. Another indicator could be the evolutionary need for butt hair to trap our natural scent, says Zeichner. Omnia M.

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Alopecia is medically called pilonidal sinus, the Latin name for bird's nest. In this disease, hair concentrates under the skin and can become contaminated. In most cases, the pit, called a pit under the skin of the tailbone, is formed by a collection of hair under the skin as a screw that has the effect of a vacuum against the sinus cavity. Epilation is medically referred to as anal hair loss sinus, Latin for bird's nest, a disease in which hair is harvested under the anal hair and can become infected. Although not complaining at first, the anus looks like an anus with bloody principle secretions along with the addition of infection. Often, for this reason, the usual mistake is to treat this disease with antibiotics or antibiotic creams. It must be remembered that hair loss is a disease that should be treated with anal embodied hair. There is no certainty as to why hair growth occurs, but various reasons can be mentioned. From the beginning, from the back of the hair, between the two tailbones, the thick flesh of the hair, hairy and sweaty sticks to sticks in the groove. The labyrinth after the opening of the bacteria that is the labyrinth, without feeling the skin enter the labyrinth, involves the development of ilchi haplandilma. And a form of pralent or bloody, smelly discharge and abscess. Whatever the reason, when hairs accumulate in concentration under the skin they irritate this point and cause inflammation. Flying skin quickly becomes infected.

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Pilon vagina is a common wound that usually occurs when an embodied hair causes infection. This is primarily the case just above the base of the spine. An embodying hair ridge may appear to have a pimple-like head. If the wound is compressed or broken, there will be white pus. Razor burns are. Embodied hair is the result of hair growing back into the skin. This happens when the hair re-enters when shaved, waxed, or uprooted. Genital Warts or Embodied Hair: How to Differentiate EmbarrassmentWhen shaving the pubic area, the risk of developing integral hair - has hair. The perineum is the little strip of leather between your anus / pool and the last thing you want is infected, swollen embedded hair.

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