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By Jonathan Rose of MailOnline. Olympic diver Tom Daley shared plenty of snapshots as he prepared to take a cold swim for Red Nose Day. The Olympic goldsmith posed in a slice of red that highlighted his bulging quads. The striking set is paired with special swimming gloves, socks, and a black vest that hugs his silhouette. In another photo, the diver was dressed in gray when he wrote in the caption of the post. Wearing glasses, he took a mirror selfie with his colorful cell phone. Selfie: The latest photo presented Tom with the glasses when he took a mirror selfie with a colorful cell phone. The diving superstar undertakes an epic challenge of perseverance as he runs, swims and runs from Elizabeth Queen Olympic Park to Stratford, Plymouth, for Red Nose Day in March. Walking the red carpet in daring Louis Vuitton, the Olympian was in his element while posing for photographers. Fabulous Homecoming Home: The diving superstar will undertake an epic resistance challenge in March, rowing, cycling, swimming, and running from Stratford's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to his hometown of Plymouth for Red Nose Day. Soft Dad wore a partially unbuttoned shirt in the fashion house's main pattern under an elegant black vest.

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