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There is a growing subculture of runners who run without shoes and embrace the barefoot lifestyle. Supporters claim that barefoot running improves industrial feet and reduces the risk of injury.Oxymoron-Barefoot shoes may not sound like it, but the largest shoe manufacturers are embracing the semi-residential movement. They do this by making minimalist shoes that offer only a rubber sole for road protection. Minimalist shoes are lighter than "traditional" running shoes, which mimic the barefoot running method. They are also lower and less absorbent on the ground, improving gait and increasing sensitivity to the ground beneath the feet. The advantage of wearing minimalist shoes over barefoot walking is that they provide a stable bond and arch to the arch while protecting the foot from glasses, stones, or other hazards when running. Some experts agree that the use of shoes without shoes weakens the small muscles in the foot and prevents the tendons, ligaments, and natural arches from doing their job. They believe that shoe inserts, orthotics, and additional preventative support result in inadequate foot biomechanics and increase the risk of foot, leg, and knee injuries. Other experts argue that proper footwear can actually help correct biomechanical problems and reduce the risk of injury. One could also argue that if treating foot pain is as easy as walking barefoot, more footprints would recommend it as a simple solution. However, most podiatrists still prescribe it to relieve foot pain. Until more research is done, it is difficult to say whether shoes are helpful or harmful to your foot health, but the barefoot trend is spreading to shoe manufacturers. While running barefoot or wearing some shoes may not cure everything that ails you, the following is a very compelling argument for running without shoes, or at least wearing minimalist shoes.

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