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Latest funny friends jokes in English .

Fathers and Daughters - Joking fathers and daughters want to include a fair amount of humor in your speech. You already instinctively know the importance of this. A mother attended a wedding with her young daughter. While everyone else was screaming at one of his attacks, my mother always replied: "Not my foot on the table Bernard. Then he told me that his daughter was born yesterday . Of your life. Read them and you will understand what a joke is a joke? Dad and daughter Steve Aoki's dad jokes. While I was at work I heard this "dad anecdote" about a father and his child passing by me. Do you learn about the dead cartoonist in his house? More than a funny joke that happens to be called a child. Please shed a tear. Dear Matt, it is time to grow up and solve your own problems. We asked our experts to rate the cheesiest jokes for dad.

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