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Acne or acne is very common during puberty due in large part to an increase in sex hormones such as progesterone in women and testosterone in men. It is a widespread myth that masturbation can cause acne. But is this myth true? Here we try to understand the relationship between masturbation and acne. What can cause acne? How can you relieve wrinkles? If you have such questions, you do not want to miss this article. Many people believe the perception that masturbation causes acne. However, these two have nothing to do with the fact that it begins with the onset of puberty. In general, acne or pimples are caused by oil-eating bacteria produced in the pores of the skin. During puberty, a lot of oil is produced, but the production decreases later in life. That is why pimples hit during puberty. Masturbation does not cause warts, acne, blindness, or other medical conditions. If this is the case, all intercourse causes acne or other medical conditions. Does masturbation cause acne?

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